Thursday, October 07, 2010

Spicy Venison Breakfast Sausage

Bulk Spicy Venison Breakfast Sausage
By: Michael & Barbara Burrell

This needs a photo and I promise to try and add one. Everytime we make this it gets gobbled up before I can get a chance to snap a photo and I didn't want to hold off on posting this recipe any longer!

Inspired By: AMYNJOHN36 at Allrecipes. I give AmyNjohn36 most of the credit here as this is an awesome recipe but I did tweak it a bit so this is my
version of this recipe.

Ok I must confess I hate venison but I love the sausage and jerky :D This breakfast sausage is no exception. It is wonderful! I am quite surprised
that it came out so tasty! I love sausage with a little spice and this definitely fits the bill.
We use our Kitchen aid meat grinder attachment to process the venison into ground meat and add the pork to that. You can use ground pork or choose a
roast that has some fat on it and have it ground at the store. If you make this using ground pork from the meat section you will need to add a touch of oil
because it is very lean :) That's how we do it unless we find a better deal on another cut of pork.
What are you waiting for? Give this sausage a try!

Prep Time:
45 MinReady In:
45 Min
Servings 44-46 Average Size Patties.

Original Recipe Yield 8 pounds
*Note* This recipe can be cut in half.


6 pounds ground venison

3 pounds ground pork

1/4 cup curing mixture (For example: Morton® Tender Quick®) This is in a bag in the seasoning isle.

1 teaspoon Caraway Seed

1 tablespoon fresh-ground black pepper

1- 1 1/2 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes (Use less if you do not like your sausage to have a little kick. If your flakes are larger you can grind them
in the food processor to make them more fine)

1/4 cup packed brown sugar (use a touch more if you like it a little on the sweet side.

3 tablespoons dried sage


1. In a very large bowl sprinkle the venison and pork with the curing mixture, pepper, pepper flakes, sugar, Caraway Seed and sage.

2. Mix very well to evenly incorporate everything. I usually do this with my hands.
Tip* When working with large quantities of sausage, cook a small piece to make sure the seasoning is exactly how you like it.

3. Pat rounds of patties out into average size portions or to whatever size you prefer and lay the patties on wax paper lined cookie sheets.

4. Flash freeze patties until they are frozen enough to where they will not stick to each other. (About 2-3 hrs)

5. Add patties to ziplock bags and freeze or to your food saver bags to seal them up.

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