Thursday, August 12, 2010

Texas Style Man Approved Ribs

Texas Style Man Approved Ribs
By: Barbara Burrell

This is my recipe that I have tweaked a bit.
Hope you enjoy them.
I know it sounds like some strange ingredients but trust me they are very tender, juicy and yummy good! I use spicy barbeque sauce but you can opt out and use your favorite if you do not like that slight sting. We love it! My Man Approves :)

1 Full Rack of Pork Ribs (appx 4 1/2 to 5 lbs)
2 Cups 100% Apple Juice
1 12 oz Can of Pepsi or Coke, not diet
10 -12 Cups Water (or whatever is needed to cover your ribs)
1 TBS Garlic, dry minced
1 TBS Mrs.Dash Onion & Herb Seasoning
1 Tablespoon Liquid Smoke
1/2-1 Bottle of Bullseye Texas Style BBQ Sauce
1/2-1 Bottle of Open Pit Brown Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce
or Your Favorite BBQ Sauce

Additional Ingredients:
Salt to Taste
1 TBS Mrs.Dash Onion & Herb Seasoning


1. Place ribs in large stock pot (fold over to fit comfortably inside pot).
Add Water, Apple Juice and Pepsi or Coke by pouring over ribs to cover.

2. Add garlic, Mrs.Dash & liquid smoke.

3. Boil on High for 15 minutes. Reduce Heat to Medium after 15 minutes has elapsed and continue simmering for 30 more minutes until ribs are tender.

4. Place ribs in baking pan and salt to taste. Add additonal Mrs.Dash to season then pour BBQ sauce over ribs. Baste thoroughly.

5. Place ribs on Grill that has been preheated to 375 degrees or so. Grill long enough on both sides to get the grill flavor and grill marks on the meat. Typically 7-8 minutes on each side should do the trick. *remember the meat is already cooked from boiling so there's no need to leave it on the grill any longer than necessary to get the flavor and marks.

6. OPTIONAL: Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 to 45 minutes. They come out so tender and juicy and full of flavor.

Side Dish Recommendations: Colelsaw

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