Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Cakes by Mike & Barb Burrell

These are amateur Birthday Cakes that we have experimented with. Still a major work in progress for us but this is something my husband and I enjoy doing together. Here are some photos of our daughter Maia's last two birthday cakes made by Michael (my hubby)and myself. (kids beat us to the cake and touched the ladybug #7 dots and so its smeared there before the photo was taken )

What a Pain in the rear this cake turned out to be. It was going to be an easy cake but the fondant that I had planned on making and using for this cake just totally did not want to work with us so eventually it just got scrapped and trashed and we improvised and did the best that we could with what we had. We just colored our homemade buttercream icing and made spongebob the best that we could from that and by also using a few surviving fondant pieces on the eyes,etc. All in all I was pretty disappointed in this and in how much time that I had to spend to get this at least presentable for my son's birthday lol that's how it goes sometimes.
Here is our pathetic attempt at poor Spongebob for Elijah's 6th Birthday.

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