Saturday, October 02, 2010

What a Pair! Or is it Pear?

Before I get to the Pair of Pears :) I just wanted to leave a quick note:

I haven't felt up to posting deals this week. I have been doing them rest assured but just haven't felt the need to post them. If I knew there were enough people actually reading this blog that wanted the info to use for their benefit (even 1 person lol) I would keep it up for you. If I am wrong please let me know but I think mostly I had been doing it for myself almost as a hobby or stress reliever maybe. None the less I do enjoy it and am sure that I will post more soon.

I did want to share a little project that I took on just for fun. Something small that didn't require alot of time or money :)

I went to the thrift store this month and picked up these 2 pittiful looking pears for $1 each and decided to change them some to add to my home decor.

The Before and After Pictures are Below:



I basically used a white primer on the pears and then used higher end acrylic paints to give them a new look.
Thanks to Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl for inspiring me. Although mine is different I can say it was totally inspired by Brittany.


  1. Hey Kristyn! I have little followers that I am aware of and I thank you for reading my blog. It's so nice knowing that someone finds my rambling and other life adventures interesting and or helpful. I do try to keep up with things but life gets in the way sometimes. Now that I know that my posting is helping someone out I am happy to keep it going. I have a coupon deal that I am doing today at CVS. I will update my blog shortly with that info.