Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nice Surprise!

Well this morning my oldest son Ryan was getting his things together for school and was grabbing a fruit snack for his snack of choice when he decided to peek into all of the gushers/fruit rollup cash boxes. They have a special promotion to where you can win Cash inside. He pulled out a $5 Discover Card. Yay! I love Free! :D I am giving him the $5 since he found it but just wanted to share that we won! So far we have 12 boxes and are going back for more this week to stock up on these great deals at .75 cents a box you can't go wrong and with the potential to get a $5 Discover Card inside some that's a fun little adventure right there.
:side note: He walks into my room as I am getting ready for the day and says "Am I dreaming or did we just win?" LOL too funny! He absolutely loves games and contests so I am happy for him :)

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